Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jamaica’s Foreign Educated Bubble Headed Technocrats

Jamaica’s Foreign Educated Bubble Headed Technocrats live for disasters. There is nothing like a disaster to bring these idiots out from under their rock. These bubble headed idiots dust off their Sunday best imported suits then start jockeying for position in front of the TV cameras, trying to grab news headlines they can get. Disaster and human suffering to them is just an opportunity to get in front of the media and sound important, their chance to impress Jamaica with their advance High Education Lingo. Immediately everybody turn professional town and city planners with the techno-jargon to match. They love to declare which foreign university they picked up their degrees from and how they are professionals with zero practical experience. After the recent floods they are now all over the TV, Internet and print media, their chance to shine and show us just how bright they are.

Our Foreign Educated Bubble Headed Technocrats are not about hard implementation, they care nothing about actually solving any problems and most have no actual experience of doing anything but hustle like the rest of us. In fact all this verbal rubbish is just a part of their hustling game.

Their intention is not to implement anything but they know the people are easily impressed and so they parade about like peacocks, flossing here, there and everywhere, basking is their own self-importance. After the rain stops and the flood water drains away these Einstein’s will crawl back under their rocks to await the next big event so then can shine once again. Lunch at uncorked for maximum exposure anyone?

We are certainly a reactionary society and we only react to events when they affect us, when we are suffering from these events. During the previous year’s drought and flooding the media was inundated with these Foreign Educated Bubble Headed Technocrats outlining theoretical plans after plans, all manner of plans on how to minimize the effects of the drought or prevent flooding but as soon as rain either start in the case of drought or stop in the case of flooding, all these Over The Top Theoretical plans are shelved for the next year’s drought, flooding or hurricane because for these bubble headed technocrats it is out of sight, out of mind, merriment time.

So long as there is no flooding, drought or hurricane then flooding, drought or hurricane is never an issue as the government and public turned a blind eye to all haphazard developments.

The thing is, it is not IF, these disasters is going to happen but a matter of WHEN it will happen. Jamaica is located in the tropics and it is not IF we will be affected by Hurricane, Drought and flooding but WHEN we will suffer our regular scheduled, almost yearly Hurricane, Drought and flooding and yet we express shock and awe, like a deer in a BLASTED headlight when the almost yearly Hurricane, Drought and flooding comes. We are a nation of idiots!

NO plans formulated and none implemented but as soon as we have flooding the usual mouthpiece technocrats start to pay lip service to some fictional concept called National Drainage System and the need for planning. The Concept of a National Drainage System is lip service design to take advantage of current situation for political effect. After every weather event Politicians always come up with some fictional programme that never sees the light of day. National Drainage System will be nothing but more gully cleaning crash programme. But as per usual I am more than open to be proven wrong and it develops into something else but by my experience, living on this rock, with my people who I know and love … it will NOT!!!

The Jamaican Bubble Headed Technocrats exist to get rich at the expense of the Jamaican people. Take for example the multimillion-dollar project touted by the Ministry of Agriculture as the future model for hay production in Jamaica started in 2014. $14.6 million of the $20 million was disbursed by the Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB) to cover the costs associated with the project. To date the Jamaica people have nothing to show for, the project as not delivered on its objectives but the project managers have consumed millions of dollars. The Audit paints a picture of a free-for-all, with cost overruns, unauthorised spending, and poor record-keeping for an initiative that is costing taxpayers $20 million. These are the same Bubble Headed Technocrats we see on TV every day sounding important.

Samuda Used Government Programme to Enrich his Personal Assets

The funny thing about this is, the only reason we are hearing about this is because a member of the current Government got caught using Government's programmes to enrich his private assets and in an attempt to get the spotlight off him this information is now being released.

Arscott Used Government Programme to Enrich his Personal Assets

Documents tabled yesterday in the House of Representatives by Karl Samuda, minister of industry, commerce, agriculture and fisheries, showed that Arscott was among 38 companies and individuals, including Samuda, who received grass under the JDDB programme.

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