Friday, May 18, 2018

The Dehumanisation and Demonisation of Black People

  • White woman called the cops on a black real estate investor checking out a house.
  • White woman called police on black man moving into his apartment.
  • White Woman called police on Black student at Yale fell asleep in dorm lounge while doing her paper.
  • Nordstrom Rack employees called police on three teenagers shopping for prom cloths.
  • White woman Called Police on Black guest checking out of their rented Airbnb.
  • White woman called Police on two Native America brothers during a Colorado State University tour. White owner of a Golf club called police on a group black women who they said were playing too slowly.
  • White Women called police on Two Black man sitting in Starbucks.
  • White Woman called police on Black folks having a barbeque in the park.
  • White people called police on Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr for being in his own house.

The list goes on and on, considering American police favorite pastime is to shoot unarmed black men and then go on paid vacation.

The More Black people shout "Black Lives Matter" is the more racist White people go out of their way to prove that Black Lives does not Matter!

Kingston Dub Club - Out of Many - One People!

Growing up in Jamaica was an experience I will never forget, never regret and I would never trade for anything. I cannot think of anywhere else in the world I would rather have been born. Life is about being happy, content and enjoying each experience as it comes and growing up in Jamaica for the most part was a wonderful experience. Looking back I now on my life, I realize that the good times were so very good and the bad times … well they were not that bad.

I am not saying we do not have our share of problems in Jamaica, because we do but I would rather deal with the daily Jamaican Almshouse than the Almshouse overseas. For one in Jamaica I am not a minority, it is not about my skin colour and as such I do not have a Minority Mentality created by racist white people design to contain me, to suppress me and make me think less of myself. I believe growing up in Jamaica allows me to experience my full potentials, to be who and what I want to be.

Growing up in Jamaica prepares migrating Jamaicans to better deal with deal with this type of First world bigotry because we were not indoctrinated with a minority mentality from birth. Yes some may develop that minority mentality over time but I believe most are just too damn Jamaican to suffer that faith.

I am so happy to be born and bred in a country where I can get up every day and feel like a normal human being, We are just yardman and yardwoman. We feel like we belong to a society even though some of us can cuss Jamaica so. I cannot imagine to be born in a society that tries to tell me from birth that I am nothing or less than nothing. A society that tries to dehumanize me on a daily basis, where constantly I am just looked down on as dirt, scum of society and a criminal simply because of my skin colour.

My Government Cabinet

In those societies from the day they are born they are nothing but black, forced to live black and when I say that, I mean their societies definition of what it is to be black. That nasty disgusting negative association that they constantly try to put on people of colour. Life is so short and a constant struggle even without having race as an issue. It is hard just to me a man, women, father and mother in this world then throw on this racist concept of being black and it is like you are carrying the weight of the world. Especially in the US, UK and EU with the rise of Racist Far-Right movements and in the UK where they are targeting legal black people for illegal deportation.

My Opposition Shadow Cabinet

I am happy that for the most part this is not my reality. I was able to grow up free from this racist yoke and allowed to develop free of people trying to dehumanize me, demonized me because of my blackness. We have other problems on my island but that is not one of them, beaten constantly beaten over the head with my blackness. But I do feel it for my brothers and sisters who are in this situation.
Imagine being born and bred in a society, grow up in a country and not knowing any other and the people of that country constantly telling you that you do not belong. Being followed in stores, handbags clutched when they see you, they cross the streets because of your blackness. Being stopped and treated like criminals when you are trying to go about your business. Every action design to dehumanize and demonize you and make you feel less than a person but they must NOT win, stand tall and stand proud

No one will call the police on you because you are black
I watched a news report that said more and more Black American and Black British are going on Black retreats in Black countries where they can at least feel normal for a month out of the year. Free from having their blackness used against them, the stress of being black in a white world as they take a break from racist white people, if only for a short while. "Many of them are turning those frustrations into acts of self-preservation, and are spending significant money to get outside of the country and away from the people who make them feel that way".

I am happy that this is my reality!

What is happening now is a renewed attempt to dehumanize and demonize black people. It does not matter how educated you are. It does not matter how professional you are, what University you attended, how how salary you get. It does not matter how law abiding you are.  It does not matter how well dressed and well-mannered and respectful you are. It does not matter how much you carry yourself with style, class and grace. None of that matters because these type of racist people see black skin colour and for them that is enough.

WHAT is important is that Black People continue to be educated, continue to be professional, continue to be law abiding, continue to be well-mannered and respectful. Continue to carry yourself with style and grace because if you do not then they win. 

In order to compete with their white counterparts a black person must put in 200% while their white counterpart can only put in 70% and still get the promotion and salary increase. Black people are the last to be hired and the first to be fired. Good hard working black people try to raise their families to be good upstanding human beings and they get no respect from the society they are trying to build because when some racist white people see Black people, they see criminals, they try to make us out to be criminals and that is because their hearts are full of pure hate.

Without the Pressure of Race!
There was a time when I thought things was getting better, when I thought we were making progress. For example in the USA, it seems to me that having a black President created a kind of white racist backlash where every racist was now free to crawl out from under their ignorant rock and express their hate, put it on display for the world to see. Having a Black President seems to make it possible for a racist white President to come to power riding the waves of that racist backlash and throwing more fuel on the racist fire of hate.

The More Black people shout Black Lives Matter is the more racist White people go out of their way to prove that Black Lives does not Matter!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Commonwealth of Nations - Jamaica's Future?

The 53 member state of the Commonwealth of Nations was founded on December 11, 1931, back then it was called the British Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Nations is one of the most useless and worthless organization and I challenge anyone to show how being a member of this dog and pony show contributes to our lives or our development, it adds nothing to our daily existence. The Commonwealth of Nations represents one of Great Britain’s biggest failure since losing its empire but that is by design. It represents the failure to evolve from Slavery, Colonialism, from Commonwealth into something more meaningful and beneficial for all.

The Commonwealth exists with no sense of direction, no sense of purpose and exist in limbo. The British have never defined their relationship with the Commonwealth Realms or Nations as a “Special Relationship”, that title is reserved for the United States of America. Up until now we have been nothing but a bad reminder of their enslavement of us and their rule over us.

The 53 member states of the Commonwealth of Nations have no real relationship outside of the normal country to country relationship. There is nothing special about us and being a member of this club does not come with any privileges. Now and then we might hear that the Commonwealth dig a well in some village or provide a scholarship but that is as far as it goes. There is no social and economic benefits being a member of this Commonwealth and it does not even offer protection from attacks, just ask Grenada. To say it is useless and worthless is an understatement, it only exist to make members of the British Royal family and delusional British people feel good and nostalgic about days of old. I am a Republican but I respect the Queen, this grand old lady have been with us for about 90 years and we are use to having her and there is love for her BUT do we really want an English King when the Queen goes? Really!

Once every couple years we get together for rubbish game no one cares about and that dog and pony show called the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting where heads of Governments take pictures with the Royal Family to show their importance by association. The British Government will then attempt to lecture us about something they consider us backwards on and that is it. NOTHING comes from the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, no grand declaration and no economic and social benefits. The only reason why the Commonwealth of Nations might have some importance this year over all other years is because the British went and voted Brexit, to leave the European Union and they are trying to hedge their bets, saying rubbish like at least they still have the Commonwealth to trade with and Empire 2.0. I find this new attention and importance from the British insulting because we only have value when they the British want something, we exist for their benefit only.

Then there is CANZUK which is a union within a union based on race, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the inner white circle who always have each other’s back and will turn on the other non-white countries at the drop of a hat, NOT to be trusted because a country like Australia have been trying to exterminate their indigenous people for decades and everyone looks the other way.

Why we are still a member of this club, I do not know. Why we are still a Constitutional Monarchy with the English Queen as Head of State is still a mystery to me. We get nothing from the United Kingdom who have been trying to pretend we do not exist fearing we might cost them for a change and busy trying to deport our people from their shores but like beaten dogs we continue to hang around the back door hoping for scraps. What little scraps the British might throw our way is NOT a gift or aid, it is not possible for the British to give former slave colonies aid. That is like mugging a man at gunpoint, pistol whipping him and robbing him of every red cent and penny only to turn around years later and give to him the wealth you stole, one penny/cent at a time and expect a big thank you. You cannot give me back what is rightfully mine and expect me to thank you. It is not aid but a small down payment on reparation or as I like to call it Wealth Redistribution.

The Commonwealth of Nation makes me feel used and cheap because the British knows how to get around us. They have been using tried and true colonial methods for centuries and we are so stupid we continue to fall for it. Isolate the chief, leader sing him praises make him feel privilege for the attention and then bribe him with gift and before you know the British will annex your entire country with your leaders help. I am not against moving forward but it will never be on British terms at our expense.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jamaica Cabinet Reshuffle - Much Ado About Nothing

I have been on this earth for a while now and lived through a lot of cabinet reshuffles but I have never seen a cabinet reshuffle with such fanfare and spectacle as this one, it was like all of jamaica won the lottery. The JLP have a far superior PR machine than the PNP where everything have a positive spin. All those years in opposition was not wasted because it allowed them to developed superior political skills.

I am happy like a pig in slop that Audley “village idiot” Shaw is no longer finance minister because he was a fraud. He should have been forced out completely and not given any more responsibility. Since becoming finance minister I am happy to say he has been a script reader and not a script writer. Delivering policies like a glove puppet dictated to him by Clark and the Growth council/ministry who has been running things behind.

I am eager to see what Nigel Clark the young foreign educated intellectual Technocrat will bring to the table. What will he do differently, how will he change the financial landscape? I find most young foreign educated intellectual technocrats all gravy and no meat, so I hope he delivers something different. They can talk the talk but fail to walk the walk, full a big chat and foreign education void of practical implementation!

The Young Foreign Educated Technocrat must remember that he is a MP with a constituency, local people in need and must wear two hats of responsibility. This is Representational Politics and not a corporate boardroom.

Horace Chang as minister of security? Well if it was not so serious I would laugh my fracking head off.

That being said, if the General Election was called today, I would vote for the JLP because there is not enough reasons to vote for the PNP. We are not heading over a cliff but still trying to navigate the very delicate balance of economic and social development. We are now in “prosperity times”, which is just some rubbish spouted by the delusional JLP PR machine to fool idiots. The economy and society is in a very sensitive state and it is irresponsible to shout prosperity when you do not have the means to back it up.

The JLP must know that a Cabinet Reshuffle is not a reset of the clock, your judgement time started when you assumed the government and took over an economy that was fundamentally heading in the right direction. Task with the job of moving us from strength to strength.

I cannot emphasize how poor the PNP’s Public Relation machine is compared to the well-oiled JLP’s PR machine. Nothing they say or do is gaining any traction and what use to be a scandal when the JLP was in opposition is now just a whisper in the wind.

The JLP Government spending Billions of taxpayers money on luxury SUV has gained no traction unlike the hoopla that went on when the PNP spent a fraction of that replacing government SUVs. The PM Holness drives a 2017 BMW 740Li costing JA$16.7 million. The total cost of the JLP government’ fleet is J$190 Million.

The PNP is a victim of its own success after handing over a stabler economy, the JLP is having a smoother ride compared to when the PNP took over in 2011 but that is the way it is supposed to be, moving from strength to strength!

The Peek and Poke of my life Growing up in Jamaica

This was My first Computer on my dining table

  • The BASIC function PEEK returns the memory contents of the specified address
I never knew I wanted to be a software developer when I was growing up, the thought had never even crossed my mind. First I wanted to be a farmer thanks to my grandmother on my mother's side, then a scientist and after that a Nation Building finger wagging Revolutionary Politician thanks to Michael Manley. While I was going to school I never wanted to work, as far as I was concern school was my work and my holiday was my holiday, for me to do what I wanted to do. One summer my aunt took it upon herself to enroll me in a Computer Summer Camp at The University of the West Indies to which I protested until I realized that girls from all over the world also attended this Computer Summer Camp, so reluctantly I agreed.

I had lots of fun at the summer camp and met lots of people and thought that was the end of that. I was introduced to the world of computer programming, I found it interesting and easy but did not think any more of it. One day I got home from school and my aunt had bought me a computer, a Commodore 64. At first I used it to play games but I was never a gamer so I did the only other thing one could do with it and that was learn to write computer programs in various languages. I joined local programming groups, exchanged compilers, ideas and various development tools and tried to impress on others my programming skills as well as learn from others their programming skills.

My aunt continued to supply me with computers books, magazines, hardware’s and software’s and I continued to devour them and demand more. My first real job was working for the Government and then I convinced my boss to allow me to write a program to make inputting and sorting a massive list with millions of items required for statistical research easier, after which I was never again allowed in the field. I was chained to the office computers which was then the IBM Personal Computer XT 286 and later the XT 386 with PC DOS, BASIC, Ashton-Tate dBASE III, Fortran, C and COBOL and Wordstar before WordPerfect came along. I was sent by my boss to take a programming certification course and the owner of the company asked me if I could teach the COBOL programming class on the weekends which I accepted.

I was later “forced” to transfer to the Government Computer center where I developed my COBOL programming skills on a VAX-11/780 and later the VAX 8600, 8800 and 9000 after which becoming a C Programmer. During my travels I left the world of the VAX/VMS and entered the world of C-Programming on UNIX/LINUX processing financial trading data.

$ gcc -Wall hello.c -o hello
$ ./hello

I then jumped off the Linux servers and back onto Windows PC’s developing websites using Microsoft C-Sharp MVC framework.  In between all of this I have developed in other languages and platforms because I was always interested in how things are done with other languages and platforms. Looking back I am very proud of some of the places, people and locations I have worked and the life experiences I have acquired over time.

When I look at where I'm coming from
I know I'm blessed, and I close my eyes and smile
Sometimes I feel like
The richest man in Babylon
And I've done my best
So everything's alright inside
Oh every morning, Oh every morning
I rise, I stare at the sun
I know it is a blessing
So when the evening comes I
Lift up my eyes to the hills I'm blessed, oh man
With my two hands in the air as far as I can
As far as I can
I can, yeah
My two hands in the air as far as I can

When I first started software development it was not a job because to me it never involved work even when I was getting paid because it was nothing but a hobby for me. I was having fun with it, I would go to sleep dreaming about coding, could not wait for morning to get back to coding and never wanted to leave work some nights, drinking cold coffee and sugar drinks to stay focus. On a couple of occasions I worked 24 hours none stop, some cases I worked on Christmas day and public holidays, many a times all by myself in the office. Why because it was fun, because I wanted to and because I preferred it to human interaction.

kill -9 666

Software Development over the years became work, hard sickening, stressful, demanding work and consulting even worse so much so that I now resented it. In the very near future when I am finally finish with it, retire from it, I do not want to see another computer for the rest of my life because I intend to completely disconnect myself from this aspect of technology.

But I owe my love of computers and programming to my dear Aunt who has been my mother since my own mother died when I was a baby, the Computer Summer Camp and my Commodore 64.

I was talking to my nephew trying to get a feel for what he would like to do in life and he was totally clueless then I remember, sometimes you need to try something first before making up your mind. Sometimes young adults need to experience things first without any pressure and sometimes they may end up loving the things they try which will help to determine their future. 

  • The BASIC-Command POKE changes the content of any address in the memory address

Monday, March 19, 2018

Jamaica High School Chronicles: The Pen Foot Incident


One day in second form, long, long ago one of the boys came to school with a new pen. He was proud of this pen and show it to almost everyone in the class. He was so proud of the pen that he refused to use it to write with fearing that it would run out of ink.

Later that day he raised the alarm that his beloved new pen was stolen, he was crying his eyes out trying to explain to Sir how one second he had the pen and the next second it was gone. Sir saw that he was so very upset, devastated that his beloved pen was taken and vowed that before the end of the school day he would be reunited his pen.
Jamaica College

Sir made a plea to the entire class to return the pen and if it was returned now, then that would be the end of it, no further actions would be taken. He even agreed to leave the classroom hoping someone would anonymously drop it on the floor but so such luck, which angered Sir greatly. It was then that we moved into the punishment phase, titled the “Wrath of Sir”. The entire class was taken outside in the hot sun and made to stand in a very regimental line. We would stay standing in the sun until whomever took the pen confessed to the crime and return it or anyone who knew who took the pen snitched out the guilty person.

One hour turned into two and still no one came forward. The sun was very hot, we were all thirsty and getting weaker by the minute, our little legs started to hurt, this was prison camp punishment at its very worse. Some of us in the line began to curse that the guilty party should return the pen because we were all suffering for something we did not do.

After about 3 hours Sir decided to change tactics, it was time for the search and frisk phase since honesty was never going to work. Each and every one of us would be search. Our desk and bags searched, our pockets turned out and patted down but that did not create the result Sir was hoping for. It was then that Sir issued the command to take off our shoes and hold it outwards in front of us. He then walked up to each of us and ordered us to turn it upside down.

Kingston College

By the time he got to the end of the line with the last person remaining the order was giving for that person to turn over their shoes and Lo and Behold the stolen pen fell to the ground much to the delight of everyone especially the owner of the pen.

If you asked me if such and such a person went to school with me I would have trouble confirming because real names in high school means nothing and nicknames means everything, you had better know their aliases at school. Suffice to say from that day on and for the rest of his entire life, the person who stole the pen was called and is called to this very day “Pen-Foot”.


Jamaica High School Chronicles: Culture Clash

Jamaica High School Chronicles: Master Nuts vs. Pen Foot

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prosperity and Public Sector Wage Negotiation

2018/2019 Budget

The problem the JLP Government is having at the moment is that they are becoming victims of their own Delusional and “Illusional” Public Relation Campaign. I am sorry but you cannot walk around screaming Prosperity while still trying to implement Austerity. It is Irresponsible and disingenuous to sell people a false sense of security. The Government must get back to reality and paint that picture of reality to the people of this country and encourage them to get on board with all hands on deck. The work is not over but just beginning.

The last PNP government had to face fiscal reality right out of the box after taking office in 2012, they had no choice. By the time they took office Jamaica had failed all of the previous IMF test and talks had broken down completely. As a result the IMF, World Bank and OAS circled the wagon and told Jamaica we were out of the Global financing business until we get our shit together and return to the path we agreed upon during the 2010 IMF agreements. As a result the 2013 IMF agreement was extra strict, Jamaica was not given a lump sum of money but instead given various task to fulfill, jump through hoops and only after we completed those task did the IMF gave us a little money, it was $10, $20 and $30 million at a time and after proof of completed task.

Is there a difference between new taxes compared to increased old taxes? How I see it either way you will be paying more?

The 2013 IMF agreement was the Austerity agreement where IMF dictated terms and Jamaica said yes sir and jump as high as they commanded us to jump. The Government of the day declared that we are dealing with Austerity, that the IMF wants discipline and the implementation of Austerity as a condition for Jamaica to rejoin the international financial markets and get the much needed loans for budgetary support. That Government made it very clear to the people that our backs was against the wall, the Government made it very clear to the people that it was time to make sacrifice, that it was time to tighten our belts and do with less and that we had no other option, it was Austerity. This message resonated throughout the society and all the stakeholders got on board. Most of the stakeholders were able to meet face to face with the IMF representatives who did not hold back or mince words. The last Government implemented Austerity with success (if austerity can be defined as success) because Austerity did what Austerity was supposed to do which is to implement reforms and put our fiscal books in a better order.

So much so that when the JLP party became the Government the JLP Government thanked the last PNP Government for inheriting a stable economy, for putting our fiscal books in some sort of an order and for laying the ground work for growth (1.6%).

In 2016 The JLP Government on taking office declared that Austerity was OVER and that it was Prosperity time now. This JLP Government spend a lot of time trying to convince the people that we are living in a “Time of Plenty”, that we are living in a “Land of Prosperity”. This public relation campaign was relentless and ongoing because 70% of everything that comes out of this Government is nothing but an illusion, Jedi Mind tricks, The Matrix and the over selling of this illusion will come back to bite them because they are NOT being straight with the Jamaican people. Sooner or later reality will set in and expose the fact that we are NOT in the Land of Plenty and Prosperity. That NOT much have changed, our lot in life have only marginally improved and we are NOT yet out of the woods. The last people to oversell anything to the Jamaican people because they need a constant and steady dosage of reality to keep them focus.

The Jamaican Economy is still very fragile and slow to the turn and one false move can set us back 5 years. The Government must stop spreading false perception and start selling reality. I understand we want public optimism to be high but let us not get beyond ourselves. One second the Government is on stage, jumping around like circus clowns shouting Prosperity and the next they are telling public sector workers with high expectations and expectations they created, that they are skint, broke, cannot afford to pay them above Austerity rates. Well which is it?

If the General elections was called today who would you vote for?

I see no reason at this time NOT to vote for the JLP because I do not see what if anything new the PNP would bring to the table and if they have an alternate plan then I have not heard it. I will continue to highlight JLP hypocrisy but hypocrisy alone is not enough to vote out the current government because hypocrisy is not limited to the JLP, the PNP can give as much as they get.

It is no secret that the JLP is waving the political magic wand, painting an "illusionary" picture of prosperity, making promises and not delivering but that is typical of any political party, the PNP have done their share of empty promises. A lot of our Economic indicators are stable and some moving in the right direction so I see no reason to upset the apple cart at this time. Debt to GDP continue to decline this started under the PNP Government was in power and still on a down ward trajectory. Unemployment is at 10.2% down from 12.9%, the NIR and primary surplus are also in positive territory.  So I see no reason to vote out JLP if an election was held today.